PRENATAL: Connection-Building

Our first meeting together is an exploratory conversation where we get to know each other and determine the right fit. It’s an informal interview; no obligations attached. Once we commit to working together, the following two meetings are designed to get to know you in more depth, help you feel prepared and confident as you approach birthing, help you understand your options, and develop strategies for coping. The goal of our doula relationships is to help you navigate birth in a way that centers you as agent and narrator of your experience.



LABOR: Putting it all into action

We officially go on-call for you at 38 weeks (though arrangements can be made if your circumstance creates likelihood for an early baby). We join you in labor when you are ready for more support. If you are birthing at a hospital or birth center, we can help you determine when to make that transition. We are with you through the duration of your labor and in the first hours after birth. Our support spans the physical, emotional, and informational realms. We are non-medical providers who can help you navigate the medical components.



POSTPARTUM: Taking our hands away slowly

To help you process your birth and integrate as a family, we see you twice after your baby is born. In our visits we reflect and process your birth together, offer breastfeeding support, newborn care information, postpartum mood reference, and help you transition well. As it is often a source of concern for new families, we put a lot of attention to supporting your newborn feeding relationship and goals. Our team is particularly well trained in breastfeeding support.We help you connect to community and additional resources as you move through the early weeks.




Our fees are not a set number, but rather a sliding scale. This allows us to serve a diversity of clients with various budgets and circumstances. You determine your final payment on the scale (after birth--which allows time for planning and budgeting), and you don’t need to know what that will be ahead of time. Within our team, we offer a wide range of price options. Our Junior, Senior, and Lead doulas each work with a different scale range. So get in touch! We’d love to discuss and help you find what best meets your needs and circumstances. 


Reach out to us anytime (Phone and email), as much as you like. The more you share with us, the more we can offer you. One size doesn't fit all: sometimes additional meetings are helpful. This is a collaborative relationship. Let us know if something else would better suit your needs.






Not all pregnancies are carried to term, nor all babies parented by those who birth them. As full spectrum doulas, we offer support for the full range of reproductive experiences including abortion, adoption, miscarriage, stillbirth, surrogacy, and infertility. We recognize that pregnant people deserve and can benefit from compassion and care, regardless of their choices or circumstances.

As you find your way, we can offer context for your situation, illuminate choices, and connect you with community resources. Whether you are in a place of certainty or deliberation, confusion or grief, we will support you as you move through.

We aim to help you find your center and access your strength in all reproductive scenarios. Whether the path is anticipated or unexpected; whether you feel great about it, confused about it, or whatever the experience brings … we want you to know you're not alone. We can help you navigate this terrain and find more solid ground.

The stigma that can be attached to these situations can add complexity. Our non-judgemental support can be an anchor, and can help you get your needs met. A supported journey brings greater peace and satisfaction, across the board. Even--and especially--when the outcomes are difficult ones or the decisions are challenging.

We aim to make our services accessible and adaptable, and offer sliding scale rates. Please reach out to talk more about how we might navigate these waters with you.






Pregnancy always happens within the context of a person’s broader life. Metta doulas are trained and experienced in working with people who have addiction in their past, present, or are in any stage of recovery.

Just as in any other place where we do our work, we do not set the agenda for you, but instead meet you where you are at and support you in getting where you want to go.

If you are struggling with a substance use disorder, the Metta team provides trauma-informed, harm-reducing, non-judgemental care. In a nutshell--we understand.

Moreover, we think there’s something uniquely powerful about the overlap of birth and recovery. And, we work hard with clients and providers to de-stigmatize the care and experience of people with substance use disorders and in recovery.

We work as a part of a ground-breaking coordinated care team at CODA and in partnership with OHSU Richmond Clinic. Here, we help provide integrated care for the whole person in recovery. Project Nurture provides prenatal care, childbirth education and preparation, options counseling, doula care, recovery support, counselling and mental health care, early parenting education and support, breastfeeding support, medication-assisted treatment, and continuity to pregnant people with Substance Use Disorders. ...Yes! That’s a lot. And we find the whole to be more than the sum of its parts.