We are lifelong learners, and are committed to growth and education for the practitioner,
for the profession, and for our allied partners.


Pathway to competence and sustainability

Metta Apprenticeship is a tiered program that educates you in the realms of client work, business growth, the doula landscape, and reproductive healthcare systems. It builds off of your initial doula training and includes advanced doula trainings and skill-building. It is the most in-depth training option available, and is designed to result in ongoing sponsorship to further you as a doula professional. The Metta Program includes private client work in a variety of settings, and doula work within the medical and social work systems.



The Program

Metta Apprenticeship offers you two options of support as you invest in your doula future: a smaller exploration of doula work and short-term guidance, or an extensive longer-term relationship with your Mentors and the Metta community. No matter which option you intend to pursue, the first step is the Introductory Apprenticeship.

From here comes hope and possibility that you will continue on through the Full Scope Program, become Metta Certified, and move into an ongoing, sponsored relationship with Metta.



Introductory Apprenticeship

The Introductory Apprenticeship is designed to give you a boost as you explore doula work and find your sea legs. It is a shorter program that is well-suited to folks who are unsure if birth work is for them. This includes:

  • 6 Births alongside Mentors, both observing and participating in client and birth work

  • 6 Months of Education Meetings with the full Metta Community of doulas, including Advanced Doula Education Modules

  • Birth processing and client skill-building



Full Scope Apprenticeship

The Full Scope Apprenticeship has a tiered structure to meet the unique needs of doulas as they grow. It is designed to allow you to develop in your skills, confidence, and independence--with support and guidance appropriate to your developmental stage. It includes the above, and more:

  • A total of approximately 30 Births over one to two years: the first half as an Apprentice alongside a Lead Doula (Tier 1), the second half as a Junior Doula with mentor support, guidance, and involvement (Tier 2)

  • Pacing through the Program to match your availability and readiness.

  • Income-earning as you move into a Junior Doula Role in Tier 2

  • Monthly Education Meetings and Advanced Doula Education Modules for the duration of your Apprenticeship (12-24 months)

  • Business Development guidance and support



Metta Certification

  • Completion of Tier 1 as an Apprentice Doula and Tier 2 as a Junior Doula, meeting all practice standards and providing high-quality care

  • Experience and knowledge in creating rich client relationships and collaborative provider relationships

  • A robust, growing doula practice, and an understanding of who you are as a doula

  • A foundation of sustainable practice, including how to care for yourself and for your clients

  • Opportunity for referral and contractor relationships with Metta

  • Understanding your place in the doula landscape and the ways in which you can be an agent of change

  • Integration of social justice inside and outside of your practice

  • Recognition of how systems interplay with the personal nature of this work, how they intertwine and how they must remain distinct




optimize and enrich patient
care in your institution


Curious about how to optimize and enrich patient care in your institution? Wondering how to integrate and infuse doula skills into your team? Looking to better understand trauma-informed or addictions care?

With over 30 years of combined experience, Gracie and Christy offer dynamic, engaging, transformative trainings. We can tailor a training to your site and needs. We offer short presentations, in-services, and longer-form workshops.

Past topics have included:

  • Trauma-Informed Care in Fast-Paced Nursing Environments

  • Doula Skills for Doctors and Nurses--Language & Tools for Client-Centered Relationships

  • Substance Use Disorders: Myths, Facts, and Realities

  • Optimal Fetal Positioning: Skills and Tricks to Move Labor Along

  • Skill Building: Pregnancy Options Counselling




Continued learning is the lifeblood
of a robust doula practice


Continued learning is the lifeblood of a robust doula practice. Whether you are a newer doula or a very seasoned one, our trainings will infuse your practice with new insights and enhanced purpose. We offer on-site and off-site trainings, presentations, and workshops.

Past topics have included:

  • On Being a Radical Doula: Working for Change Without Demanding Change From our Clients

  • A Safe Passage: Trauma-Informed Care in the Transition to Parenting

  • Connecting with the Full Spectrum: Building Skills to Support All Pregnancy Experiences and Outcomes

  • Caring for Pregnant People Experiencing Addiction, Recovery, and Incarceration



Connecting to the Full Spectrum:

Building Skills to Support all Pregnancy Outcomes

September 28th and 29th from 9:30-4:30

metta hands.JPG

In this workshop…

…we will explore the common stigmas that surround people who are making reproductive decisions, or experiencing the various outcomes. We will review the factual information about who has abortions and miscarriages and how common it is, and consider various frameworks for understanding what drives these cultural views about bodies, sex, pregnancy and death. Through this, the barriers to autonomy, informed consent and authentic decision making that are familiar to most reproductive health care workers will be further illuminated. We will go over specific information about abortion, and what the experience is like for people having them and expose ourselves to the relationship between abortion and miscarriage, and stillbirth, (including fetal anomaly and infant death.)

We will also work to understand how adoption and foster care fit into the picture and introduce participants to respectful client-centered language for these circumstances. Through this component of the training, we will come to see that adoption is not a anti-choice intervention; it's one of the many legitimate choices a pregnant person can make. There will be strong self-reflection and values clarification components to help people see where they stand, and their own comfort level with working in more personally challenging contexts. In addition, we will consider the intended and unintended consequences of various legal and social approaches to exerting care, and control, within the realm of reproductive health and rights.

Participants will leave the workshop understanding the usefulness of being a practitioner who is comfortable with, and respectful of, all pregnancy experiences. Moreover, participants will be invited to consider their own well-being and personal capacity to work within areas that are personally challenging for them. We will touch on ways to use doula-style support tools in the service of people who are experiencing a range of pregnancy outcomes. From there, we share perspectives on the doula scope of practice, and how our beliefs and values influence the kind of care that we provide our clients and communities.

“Christy's workshop "Connecting with the Full Spectrum: Building skills to support all Pregnancy Outcomes” could not have come at a better time - for me personally, and for our birth worker community more generally. She facilitates complex and sensitive information to her learners with a welcomed balance of compassion and humility, with humor. The information was practical, while also deeply philosophical. Through out the workshop the learner is invited to unpack assumptions about birth work, and what it really means to offer competent care across the spectrum of reproductive options and outcomes. She has a way of thinking and speaking that pulls us together, united as human beings, so that we may see similarities in our stories while honoring our differences. I know I came away with not only skills I can use with clients, but a fuller appreciation for the range of options (un)available, reaffirming my commitment to the reproductive justice movement(s).” -Jodi Hall (London, Ontario)

To register, or for other inquiries regarding the training, email or call Christy at 503.688.8545.