I am blessed to have been brought up in a family that embraces life's rites of passage. Experiences of my doula aunt, tales of my own birth, discussions around pregnancy and loss were all woven into my childhood. I was fortunate to be included in a number of family births at a young age--witnessing the birth of my brother and two cousins.  

My path to doula work came from these early awarenesses, experiences and a love of land care, of recognizing communities and systems within the natural world and the human place within those realms. A recognition that we, as humans, need to work together and care for each other, in order to be able to care for the land we come from, has guided my desire to work closely with the people of my own community. My belief is that nurture and caring of the self is vital for the change necessary to build thriving communities. In this work I hope to support individuals in their sense of self power, as well as embracing their part in the greater human experience. I believe that an empowered, educated and supported reproductive experience helps to enrich our personal growth and well being. 

I hope to invite vulnerability and bear witness across spectrum of reproductive experiences, while bringing with me my compassion, curiosity and intuitive nature to provide emotional, physical and informational support to walk beside you as we enter into this journey together. I recognize that each client has a story yet to be written, and will shape my tools and offerings as we move though each unique situation. Though my breadth of experience is limited, I am confident in my love and enthusiasm for the work, and reverence for your processes.