CO-FOUNDER,Co-Director & Doula

I have been a doula for 14 years and have practiced through many seasons in my life. Now, as a mother, a radical doula and a mentor, I can reflect back on which access points have been available or unavailable to me at various times, and why. I believe that I have an important perspective on the 'doula machine' based on the fact that I have come of age inside of that machine, experiencing the challenges and the joys of the work, and the ways that I was supported and not supported by the broader community. I feel that I have "cracked the nut" of how to make a living doing the work I love, and I would like to share that with my newer colleagues, in the feminist spirit of making change and improving access for both clients and practitioners. 

Together, Gracie and I have been paying close attention to the national landscape and how doula work is changing. Metta and our apprenticeship program is a product of our desire to contribute meaningfully to the future of doulawork.