Co-Founder, Co-Director, Doula Mentor

I have been a full-time doula for over nine years. Early in my career, I was fortunate enough to have some unofficial mentorship, and yet I found myself thirsty for more intimate experience alongside a seasoned professional. As I grew in the work, the turnover and burnout cycle in the doula realm became increasingly apparent. New doulas would come with energy and vigor, and leave within two to three years--either drained and disenchanted, or confused and without clients. 

As a doula, my client relationships are paramount, yet I also track and process the interplay of the systems-level influences. This combination of in-the-trenches work and systems-level analysis combine with my desire to make doula work a sustainable, accessible field and a medium for transformation. Transformation for those seeking to work as a doula, for those seeking to work with a doula, and for those systems that interface with doulas. As we say at Metta, “As above, so below.”