Metta is a vibrant team of full-spectrum doulas in Portland, founded on the understanding that high-quality support generates satisfying experiences.


Our doula relationships are partnerships, combining your wisdom and curiosity with ours. We build trust-based relationships together, creating comfort and confidence as you navigate big changes and unknowns. Our work is to help you have the best experience for you.


The skills we bring are in service of your goals, and we work to widen the path by providing options
and opening up possibilities. We are an inclusive team of well-educated, experienced, open-hearted
doulas. Working collaboratively with you, your loved ones, and the providers you choose is at the
heart of what we do.


There’s no one right way to birth, there’s no one right way to cope, there’s no one right way to move through. We recognize that you are an individual with your own, personhood, needs, and concerns. We approach our work from social and health justice perspectives, and support the whole range of pregnancy experiences and outcomes.